I Am Me! I Am Part Wolf! *howls*

Everybody thinks I am crazy, because I believe that I am part wolf. They think it is impossible to be part animal. But I know that it is possible to be part wolf. Because...
Blood can be spread, no matter how thin. I feel like I am related to wolves by blood.

I rarely walk on 2 legs, but when I do (and usually this is the help me disguise as one of those "full humans") I walk on my tip - toes.
I howl every night. It just feels right. Sometimes I howl at certain times in the day.
I have to spend a lot of time alone, away from people. If they get into my space of "alone time", I attack with vicious teeth and sharp - yet - blunt nails.
I fight with my dog to see who is stronger.
I love dogs.
Cats hiss at me for no reason at all.
I feel at home when I am hidden among trees.
In my dreams I run with wolves.
I lick myself for no reason at all.
I can reach behind my ear with my foot.
I have excellent hearing, smell and sight.
I will only eat berries if I have to.
I love water, even when it is amazingly cold.

Scientists try matching my blood to humans without success.

I am me. If you think I am strange, go ahead.

BTW in my dreams the wolves call me Shimmer. But 2 wolves, the alphas, (My parents, I am the next in line once the alpha female dies) call me Aquan because I love water.


AquanShimmer AquanShimmer
13-15, F
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OMG yes I was reading through this relating so much

I also hate shoes you guys!! And I LOVE to walk around without any shoes on. I sometimes accidently get into wolf like positions. I've sometimes also radomly gotten on the tips of my toes while walking. I've growled at people several times before. Oh, and I LOVE meat. And I HATE vegtibles. But really don't like some of the fake meat that they have at really cheep grocery stores, such as Winn Dixie. (GOD I HATE THAT PLACE.) I also feel A LOT more free outside. You guys should read some of my other stories to see and know some more things about me. ^_^

Really, really late comment. But who cares?! I'm the same!

Well I am native American, and I am part were-wolf as well, but not a full true blood savage were wold, I have their powers, but I think it's possible for me to become full were wolf, but that would mean death causes by me, would make me full were wolf. No joke.

i am also part wolf by blood i get into fights at school and i use my sharp nails and my sharp teeth wen people get me mad i growl a warning for them to back off and i always lick myself wen im injured or for no reason at all ^-^

This is a really late comment but for a while now I have been expieriencing these things that everyone is commenting, and I've been googling things for a couple of day now, then I found this and registered, it feels good to know that there are others like me out the, my only differences are that I'm a vegatairian and have brown/hazel eyes not green or blue and they don't change :3 xxxx

I got one hazel eye and a dark brown eye :3 i like dat face, it's cute

wow that is amazing i have the same experience expect i feel that have some other animals inside me as well as a wolf.

Your traits are very similar to mine, and I'm gald we're both proud of it. C: I may be commenting late but who cares!

You aren't weird Aquan. In fact these traits about yourself are very similar to wolf behavior & humans don't know squat. You will be a great alpha.

It feels weird to me though oh well might as well live with it. i'm a wolf and proud =D

Ryekir, its not wierd its normal to me.

I often feel the need to walk on my tip toes when i'm not wearing shoes. i can't do it with shoes it bothers me. I also enjoy walking around bare footed, makes me feel free, weird right?

Not weird at all! I try to avoid shoes at all costs; makes me feel free too. I also thought I was weird because I walk on my tip-toes ;P

I used to think I was half tiger... when I was five.