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I Am Me. I Am A Wolf.

You see ever since I was little I have always felt close to wolves and never knew why, then as I grew up I tended to take on more wolf traits like barking, howling and protection. I have found a few others like me and started a pack where we can help each other but I don't feel quite accepted all the time. Most people say I'm a freak when I say I am really a wolf. But I try to keep my head held high. I don't why or how but I feel and believe that even though I look normal to people, I am entirely a wolf.
WolfsSoul WolfsSoul 16-17, F 5 Responses Jan 27, 2012

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I have tryed to hide my luna wolf but I'm 15 and stronger now that I have excepted my wolf

..... do, do you drink out of the toilet?

Go away. Your stupid comments are uncalled for.

Well we all know that you are a wolf honey and i support you <33 mawh loves you

I've always thought of the possibility that i was a wolf in a past life. Throughout primary school i was always confident i was a wolf. I acted like one too :P. Everyone else wanted a pony (i wanted one too but..) i spent most of my time with my dogs. I even had my own wolf ball! I used to sleep on the floor and run around the playground 'hunting' <br />
<br />
Of course i got bullied.. The howling didnt help either :/ , highschool i stepped away. Never completly, but i stepped away. No one forgot though... even to this day im called 'wolf girl' deep down im proud though....

^.^ i will never hide my wolf...I am what I am take it or leave it that's what I always say

never regreat showing your inner wolf! embrace it :)

maybe you were a wolf in a past life!

U know I've thought that sometimes, like the spirit lived on but didn't make it into a wolf body ya kno?