Can anyone help me with shifting both M shift and P shift please. That would be great.
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M shifting you just need to relax and imagine yourself turning into a wolf, running with your pack. Do not think about what you look like because you are in the place of a wolf. You are the wolf. P shifting can be hard if you are not a professional. You need to encourage your mind to think like a wolf, like m shifting, but you must physically change. You might feel pain, but don't fight it, actually, encourage it. Take my advice. Also look on the Internet to see what you can learn about it. I have both m shifted and p shifted.

Really you have p shifted that's cool I never heard a person befor say that they have p shifted cool

why would I be scard?

if M-shifting means Mind shifting or mential shifting i can help their. well pitcher your wolf in your mind. pitcher him running hunting sleeping or playing. then think of the food that your wolf would eat. then think of your pack members or your friends as wolves. pitcher your wolf howling. think how it would sound of your wolf howling. then get into the details like your paws the claws on your paws your tounge its ears and ect. do all this with your eyes closed and be standing on all four. i hope this works because it works for me!!!! yes i can m-shift................<br />
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if you want to P-shift. id dosnt have to be a full moon half moon quater moon or a red moon. the moon has nothing to do with wolves (some wolves anyway do have a connetion with the moon like rare wolves eg; Rynwolf) anyway it can be any time of the day ( this is black magic) look at your self in a mirror make sure there is no light in the room. and look at your eyes and notice all the details on your face see how you look like a wolf. the 2nd day/night. look into the mirror and keep your eyes open and pitcher your wolves colours and eye colour and the small details. the 3rd day/night pitcher your wolf doing stuff like hunting or howling running eating jumping playing or what ever you want. then the 4th night ask your wolf what his name is and wait for an answer if you dont get an answer its ok.on the 5th night pitcher you shifting into your wolf and shifting back to human. note: do all of these steps in the dark, keep your eyes open while staring into the mirror. keep repeting these steps untill you finally p-shift this could take days weeks mounths or unlikely years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. so yeah . apparintly if you stop doing these steps after you've started you might or will be scard for life!!!!!!!!!!! o_o so do at your own risk