Could It Be?

I feel like I am or once was a wolf.All the time I can literally feel my limbs trying to run as a wolf.My friends say I sound just like a wolf,and I scare them sometimes.Anytime I even think about wolves I feel weird and just want to cry.My friends also say they see kindness greater than they've ever seen,and my eyes are gray,like,a very light gray.Im not sure...could it be I am one? Im 13 tomorrow if any of it helps...Any opinions? I only have about five friends... so I really dont have many opinions. Please help! I just want to know D:
shadownightwolf shadownightwolf
13-15, F
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i like and do all the same things you do (graywind) except i dont live in scottland.

Hey. I read this and saw no one had commented so I signed up. I know nothing about normality hear cos I'm sure as hell one weird kid! :P I'm 15 and live in scotland. There arnt any wolves here anymore but there used to be and I still feel a very deep connection when I'm in the heart of this beautiful land. I feel exactly the same as you but worse. I love the dark, It makes me feel safe. <br /><br />
Dogs love me, They feel comforted by me. <br /><br />
I understand canine body language... and most of the time what they are thinking of doing. <br /><br />
I look people directly in the eye and they look away first. <br /><br />
I love to run at night. <br /><br />
When I see the moon, all I want to do it howl (I actually went to the top of a high hill nearby just to howl my heart out without people hearing) and when I cannot howl I feel really sad. <br /><br />
I growl at people when I'm angry or pissed off. <br /><br />
When taken by surprise, I make a sharp yip/bark noise. <br /><br />
I roll around and wrestle/play fight with my sisters. <br /><br />
I sleep on top of the duvet, curled up in a weird ball/heap. <br /><br />
I find the floor to be comfy to sleep on. can sleep almost anywhere. <br /><br />
I bite people softly on the neck and other places when I need comfort. <br /><br />
I lick people a lot, sometimes without meaning to (if they get near my face) It's a reflex. <br /><br />
I nuzzle into people. <br /><br />
I bite people hard (I can make them bleed easily) <br /><br />
I have really good hearing and I'm good at spotting living creatures and things that most people cant see, I can pick out smells of some ingredients in food. I sleep a lot but I can easily stay awake for more than 24 hours. <br /><br />
I fall asleep really quickly, whenever I want. <br /><br />
<br /><br />
I dream things and they happen (De ja vu)! I also see my family as my pack and hav very deep connections with my 2 dogs. This is crazy I know. But it is me! My friends call me the young wolf (an ancient scottish story) and that's about all I hav to say. I personally believe that reincarnation and all that crap could be real and I think wolves have something to do with mine and urs :) we are brothers now. (Another nickname my friends give me is Alpha! I rly like it :P)

Same here