My Mom Did Something Honorable

My first dog, Abby, is getting very old and she is close to her end, and I asked my mom if she were to be cremated when she died or buried in the backyard. She said no neither. She will be buried out in the woods were she belonged in the first place. I live in St.Louis so the woods for me is out in pacific were the mountains and trees and caves are. I thought this was very honorable because my dog loved to run especially in the forests, she also loved to hunt rabbits. You know it's funny because one day I came home from school and my mom said that my two dogs Duke and Abby were fighting over a dead rabbit in our backyard. And to this day I think that my dogs are the most wolf like dogs in the neighborhood. But I'm getting of topic. My point is, is that my mom decided that we would bury our dogs in the woods were they belong. And that was very honorable.
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1 Response Jun 6, 2012

ahh! <3! so nice and cute! and of course Honorable.