The Story Of A Werewolf

i feel different, changed. somethings not right inside me, and the wolves in the forest they watch always watching as if waiting, but for what , me? they roam at the edge of the forest, silent, stalking waiting for me to come. my mind stays as my body betrays me changing, shifting, twisting into somthing entirely new. my bones crack and reshape as my skin takes a new form, fur lining my body, and always my mind is mine but my body is foreign as i join the wolves no more waiting and watching. Running, paws padding softly on the forest floor as we run , bodys brushing each other as we nip playfully at one another, while tracking , scenting the air as we stalk the prey , hunting in a pack , a family. and at night we howl our song to the moon telling our stories of what once was, the happiness of now and the sadness for what we left behind. our bodys tell you a different story but our eyes give the truth , the truth to who we once were. Bodies so wolfen but eyes to human.
In the heart and in the soul we are wolves....
MidnightWolf218 MidnightWolf218
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 2, 2012

I don't think I could have said it better myself.