Sensing?phantom Limbs?danger?help!

A few minutes ago I heard this stomping/thudding in the sky, and it sorta sounded like a rumble of a storm, well it kept going and then I stuck my head out the window to see what was going on and it felt weird, my senses like went over board my eyes zoomed in on everything pretty much, it felt like I had wolf paws and ears and a tail, just very odd, but there was a weird feeling in the atmosphere I just wanted to jump out of my window to see what was going on when this home security car comes by and stops at one of the neighbors houses, he took out a flashlight to check the (window?) house number, and as he was going back to his car I heard like a police radio go off, and then he drove off, it made me wonder what had happened because a few minutes after that the weird feeling and everything began to slowly go away. Any idea why it could of happened? Did I sense danger? Because I'm lost and confused out of my mind..
Articwolf15 Articwolf15
18-21, F
Sep 15, 2012