Wolf Dream

okay so two nights ago i had a dream that i was on a bed sitting on the edge and it was raining really hard outside and i was with a grey wolf ( witch i think is me) but i was in my human foarm with another wolf. so it was thundering hard it was dark but lights were flashing i was rubbing heads with the wolf and after the last flash of lightning i woke up. Please comment if you know what this means thanks
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I had I dream like this it was a black wolf (which i think is me)running through snow soon the wolf ran off a cliff and just befor it would hit the ground I would wake up

My dreams are similar to yours but mine are me (but a white wolf) running through the woods and "growling" then when something happens i always wake up

That's cool

It may be your genes awakening. Try listening to some soothing music,it helps. I would recommend the Voice by Celtic Woman,or She wolf falling to pieces. Or Beautiful,indescribable Nature sounds.

Okay thank you so much for the help

Your welcome. Bit I know you're still a bit lost. So let's go further into it,shall we?

*But* I know

yes, hey i have a question i read today that if you see someone or a animal in your dreams it means that they miss you. so i know that i am a grey wolf and thats the one that i saw in my dream so im thinking what if my inner wolf misses me because i have been m-shifting and i havent have time to m-shift anymore so i am wounder is my inner wolf misses me.

Missing me* sorry

Definitely. I might pick up on my M~shifting again. It'll help me. That's okay.


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