My Life ......As A.......Wolf?

Sometimes I'll feel completely out of this world. I'll want to run throught the woods howl bark ect. I LOVE meat sometimes that's all I want to eat.also when I'm and a park or something like that and I'm not around pple I'll howl wich I'm very good at , and sometimes when I see small animals bunnys,squerials-(spelt wrong ) ect. I'll get hungry ( and I could have just eaten) and chase after them, I also feel like I can sence and animal when it's around me . Also I have dreams about this black wolf and I don't no what they mean . I only really talk a lot about it to my friend and my cousin but now I want more pple to tell this about and I think this is the place to tell more.

Ask any thing if u want to 😊
Howl182 Howl182
13-15, F
1 Response Feb 5, 2013

Well i would say delve into this, explore these feelings you have and see what you can find in yourself. If you simply lap up the gobblygook in here, you'll never really find yourself.