Feeling At Peace With Wolves

ever since i can remember i have loved wolves, i have always been connected to wolves it feels like. every time i see something with a wolf on it i want it and when ever I'm in the woods i feel at peace, and i also have dreams of running with the wolves and i also change into a wolf sometimes and i always have a blast and i feel like I'm home when I'm with the wolves. but unfortunately I've never actually encounter a wolf but i want to know what it's like to see a wolf and look into his/her eyes to see if we are the same and to see if i feel at home and at peace.

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I have a wolf as a pet. what it weird is that he growls at everyone besides me and he has always snapped at everyone besides me. my mom thinks its very weird. i have always loved wolves ever since i was a 4 because that is when we got my wolf, his name is shadow. i feel like i am or have wolf in me. i know that is not possible but that is what i feel i feel like i am. is this weird to anyone?

I know I have some wolf in me, mine doesn't seem to be nice and peaceful though... It scares me a little

I have been connected to wolves ever since I was but a toddler. Their howl filled me with wonder, excitement, and happiness.

Although I was never sure if I should belive him or not, I read this and suddenly realised, my boyfriend would tell me that exact same thing. How he felt connected to wolves and what not.

You know that feeling when your listening to a song or your reading and your name comes accross it? when Im reading and I hear wolf it is almost the same but then I chuckle about it and keep reading...

Dude I know exactly how you feel. I have never seen a wolf but I connect with them. Plus if there's something with wolves on it. I want it.

i was rased by wolves


are you sure we're not twins? that sounds a lot like me...