Wolves are magestic,loyal,strong,kind, and feirce. So are humans. Wolves live in a pack, as we live in a communtity or society. Are we more closley linked with them than we know? Every time I hear a wolf howl a tingle of joy,adrenalin, and exitment courses through my body I just want to howl my self! But i cant. It may just be the interest I have for them, who knows. many people have different beilifs were the humans desended from. I half beilive that god created us and half beilive that we desended from wolves. I know its a bit out there but thats what i think. This may be insane, interesting, or just plain " what the hell?!" but call me crazy, thats the way I feel. Hopefully this is something you might wanna think about :)

blackwolven98 blackwolven98
13-15, F
Feb 22, 2010