Not Enough Life!!!!

You know how way back in Adam and Eve times where they lives hundreds of years!! Sucks we can't live that long.. Then again, Im sure I would still be writing about not having enough time lol

This all started when I met my current husband. I, at the time, felt like I wasnt doing what I was suppose to in life, and that I was just wasting it away. My husband helped me get some of that feeling back, as it was the best summer of my life. However, the feeling faded shortly after being wed a year later. I love him to death and am VERY happy with my choice to get married. However, I just feel like this all should have happened years ago!!

He is in school and has about 3 years, maybe a bit more. We are both working, beings its the only way we can survive! I have to work full time, and he is managing full time and school right now. The deal was, he would do school now, and I would work full time. Then he would get out, get a great job, and then I would go back to school... Here in, the problem peeks out its nasty head!

I am always getting sick and fear im going to be one of those bed ridden 35 year olds. It happened to my mother and it does run in the family. So I would LIKE to have kids on or around my 27th birthday... That leaves me with LESS THAN a year for me to do what I want when my husbands out of school!! So about the time my turn comes around.... Its pretty much over because I will be a stay at home mothers...

Dont get me wrong I will LOVE being a mother.... I just dont want to be one of those mothers that feel like I should have done so much because the chance came and gone... *sigh* Im trying to work something out but the whole feeling of life going by way too fast scares the crap out of me....

Anyone else have a feeling somewhat like this? I would really like to feel like im not the only one without a 'Happy With What You Got" attitude! Im sorry I want more in life! lol Let me know!
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I hope you enjoy what you have. None of this is a given. You may not get to keep what you actually have right now. Could have died at least 3 times in the last three years...but I still have been able to stay here.<br />
Life is not a promise but a GIFT. Hugs, LW