Sliiping ..

last time i was depressed in an awful state of mind took an overdose didnt want to exsist !!

but things slowly got better now im here today got gf ect ...

but even that doesnt change the thoughts the past !!

everyone tells me to forget the past but easier said than done when little things in my current day life keep reminding me !!

im afraid of getting how i was and cant speak to anyone i just hope i dont get worse !!

whoamii whoamii
18-21, M
1 Response Feb 28, 2010

What happened in your past? What helped you to feel better last time? Sounds like this everyone character doesn't get it and doesn't know how to be helpful. Not your fault there.<br />
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You sound like you're already on your way to that bad place. Talk to someone who gets it. They won't fix anything but you can tell them what's happening to you. Take a decision to care about yourself instead of just feeling the feeling. Call a help line right now. Take care of yourself. You probably owe it to yourself by now....Good luck. It's not your fault but it will be if you choose not to ask for help from someone. This is an easy way to get started. Pickup the phone and let them know how you're feeling. At least you won't feel guilty for not doing anything.<br />
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National Institute of Mental Health's Anxiety Hotline-<br />
1-888-826-9438<br />
<br />