I have always called them that.  This group's icon expresses my worldview more eloquently than anything I can write.  My greatest fear is that I am becomming infected by the zombie contagion.  It's so ******* virulent. 

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Luckily, I worked for a small company in a fairly technical field (mostly self-taught). I got to see several "secure" and/or "secret" facilities that required temporary key card ID's. Because the equipment I worked on was all over the facilities, in several, I had an extremely high clearance level. It was interesting, but my armed "escort" always made me nervous.

I've had two jobs before where I wore the lanyard with the scan card around my neck.<br />
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The first one, I got laid off and was offered my job back a week later. Tell me that was well planned.<br />
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The second one, I met the CEO my last day working for them in the elevator. He made some comment about how he should know who I am, trying to make himself feel better about not knowing. I just smiled, knowing he'd probably never see me again.

Beautifully expressed. I work for an organisation that requires scan cards to get in - not that i'm ever in the office - but I simply can't wear those things around my neck like some badge of social-normed stupidity.

I found an affordable iPod, but it was full of nothing but banking and insurance lobby puzzle games that have no solution, infomercial podcasts, and the same old songs by politicians that we're all sick of hearing.<br />
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Just got back from the meet. All out of the hallucinogens, apparently they're real popular right now ans he has a hard time getting it and he sells out within hours when he does. I was excited about the ACLUdes, but when I tested them in my lab, they just turned out to be sugar pills; there haven't been any good ACLUdes around in a long time. I think corporate CEO's are crushing them all up and snorting them and we get stuck buying placebos at $20 each. Damn!

Think he's got any those cool new hallucinogens I've been hearing about...Fox News Tabs and Dancing with the Stars microdot???

An iPod.

Nietzsche was just buy and told me about a new smack dealer in town. Think I'll check it out. He's selling selling Consumerism, a new and potent analog of good old Mammonism. He swears it's not like that old opiate Religion. He said the guy also has the good old standard crystal meth everyone calls Patriotism. Think I'll go check it out; you want anything?

I made that comment a while back.<br />
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Yeah, I fear that and I also fear that I won't know. I'll just slip into this complacent state of mind like... a zombie.