Really? It's Only 30 F$&@$& Pounds!!

Today I bought a sewing machine for my wife. She is learning to quilt, did her homework, and found one in the area. I was doing my normal 12 mile hike up a mountain, down the mountain, and then back over. I'm 6' tall weigh about 160. When I purchased it the salesman asked me three times if I wanted someone to carry it to my car. I said no three times. He than tried to find someone to help me. Really? What don't you understand? I've got it! It is only 30#. When I unload trucks at work I throw 50 and 100# bags and boxes around. I DON'T WANT YOUR HELP. Going out the store an employee wanted to help me carry it to my car. It was only 30 pounds! Leave me alone! Thanks for listening to my rant!
Emichael Emichael
41-45, M
Jun 23, 2012