The Types Of Zombies


Weak - "mopey", typically slow moving, melancholy, "goes with the flow", causes no conflict, intellectual potential very low

IE: "Pagan", self-harmer, iPod fanatic, "Goth", "Emo", "metrosexual", watches reality TV, NASCAR fan


Strong - very opinionated, buys into perspective out of desperation to feel "special", typically conspiracy theorist - realizes something isn't quite right but gets caught up on the vicious cycle of feeding his/her own desperation with any notion that comes along, applying critical thinking to only one side of the "debate", ignoring any and -all- facts or opinions that do not support his/her attempts, intellectual potential average, but 'blocked' by zombie status

IE: atheist, "fundamental Christian", far-left liberal, far-right conservative, conspiracy theorist


Bizarre - can be strong or weak, but is "out there",  typically fighting mediocrity with bizarre claims of unconventional perspectives that cross the line between being critical, "questioning everything" and simply being a fool, goes from wondering if there is "life out there" to making bizarre claims such as "dogs are really angels", "dinosaurs are a hoax", etc.  The bizarre zombie's desperation is above all others.  He/she will do practically anything to be heard, to gain attention.  Intellectual potential average to high, but severely misdirected towards meaningless actions.

IE: passionate conspiracy theorist, terrorist, cult member, passionate devil worshiper, paranoid


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3 Responses Feb 15, 2010

Seriously - if you make too many groups then you end up having to have subgroups. That's not good.<br />
<br />
So, I'm not sure. I think there should be a group between Weak and Strong - the 'standard' zombie.<br />
<br />
This reminds me of my 'degrees of ingorance'. I'll post them later.

These are interesting. Are their any other categories?

And which type are you?<br />
The "Zombie Definer"