The Degrees Of Ignorance


1st degree ignorance: You're ignorant and you know it.  Most sane, stable, fairly smart people fall into this category.

2nd degree ignorance: You're ingorant and are more or less oblivious to that fact.  A babbling fool, you are.  The 'ignorance is bliss' cliche describes these folks.

3rd degree ignorance: You're ignorant and actually believe you are relatively smart.  You care the typical concieted narcissist.  You are what is wrong with the world.


I see these as being applied both on a micro level (situational, as in being ignorant about a specific subject) as well as a macro level (the narcissist who's every waking moment is spent in awe of his wonderous intellect).

fascad3 fascad3
36-40, M
Feb 22, 2010