Today's Zombie 3/9/2010



I was waiting to pick up my child from school and a guy comes walking out with his little bucket full of fertilizer.  He proceeds to fertilize a bare dirt spot.  I think to myself, ok, maybe he's just hoping some grass might catch on and grow.

Then, he makes his way over to the shrubery, where he fertilizes the bushes and every square inch of bare, pinestraw-covered space in between them.

Not only has he wasted 3/4th of the fertilizer the financially depressed school bought, but he's just given any weed a boost in health.

Who told him to do that?

Who hired the person that told him to do that?

Who hired that person?


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2 Responses Mar 11, 2010

You responded via a mobile device which indicates a personal attachment to the subject. Try not to let your emotions persuade you into making illogical statements.<br />
<br />
As for your point, the last three questions elude to that. It's not just him, but the people responsible for him being in that position. There are plenty of things a mentally disabled person can do that don't waste money and have other undesirable results.

Maybe he's disabled? I don't think it's fair to just judge people unless you know. <br />
If you know they aren't then complain away but.. If you don't... :S