I Hate It

I always wished my real life, wouldn't be so horrible. But yet, it ain't the worst. Some people have worse lives. So I need to be appreciate. But, man, it wouldn't hurt to have a girlfriend. I am always known for pretending to have cool friends. I love being in the cool group. I just pretend and pretend, and pretend. I just want to be in a group of people, socializing, and looking around, and having girls talking to us also. I don't like fantasizing, and wishing, and imagining. I want my real friends. I just end up trying to create someone, because I am lonely. I do not like being lonely. I don't like people calling me quiet. I just want to be with the cool group, and it hurts when people reject me. It just hurts. When people reject my friend request. I don't like rejection, and it hurts.

chicago54 chicago54
22-25, M
Mar 11, 2010