I Look Different to the Ways Im Feeling?!?

Growing up both parents were completely useless at showing me love. Never any hugging or saying "I love you" This to me now at 31 seems really weird. I think because of this Im now not very good at emotional stuff either. The thing is, on the inside I really am the most compassionate sincere person and just want that love returned, but it doesnt and everyone I have ever loved has gone away! I sometimes think im being cursed for something. Feelings of guilt and anxiety were always there growing up, I find it hard to release myself from these?
sadnlonely sadnlonely
26-30, M
1 Response Jun 26, 2007

well,I have the same kind of parents as what you have but I'm thankful to have my friends around to whom i can show that compassion that I couldn't even get and have from my parents.It's not too late for you and never will be just show that compassion for all the person that you love.Take Care:)