Would You?

Would you love me more if I revealed more of myself to you? Would you sit down & conversate with me more if I shared more things with you? Would you take care of me when i'm too weak to keep fighting? Would you hug me if i'm sad? Would you love me when i'm feeling lonely? Would you hold me when i'm scared? Would you need me if you needed help with something important?  Would you eat with me if I made dinner? Would you travel with me if I had no one to travel with? Would you call on me to help you if someone is trying to harm you? 

Would you want me if I wanted you?

31-35, M
7 Responses Feb 19, 2010

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Awww! Thank you :-) You are so sweet for saying that!

You are a "catch" Hippie and any girl who answers anything but YES to this question is CRAZY!

I hope you know the answer to all of these is a resounding YES!!!!!!!!

Awww! ;-) *blush*<br />
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I love u lalaninjacakes~<br />
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