Learning The Language Of Love

Twice today I prepared myself. I stared into the mirror as I applied makeup to my broken out face, trying my best to mask the acne that has attacked me from my depression state. Twice today, I applied mascara to fake the length of my lashes so that my Vietnamese eyes can appear larger, more American. Twice today, I've applied blush so that I could look lively and lush, both of which I am not. Twice today I've wondered, is this worth it?

Twice today, someone somewhere is making a difference without an ounce of makeup on. Twice today, someone somewhere is smiling brightly, confidently with imperfections on their faces but contentment in their hearts.

The language of love is as foreign to me as both the countries that has bred me. With love, I do not need makeup, I do not need blush. I languish in learning the language of love and for that failure I fail to be happy.

pup33pawz pup33pawz
May 21, 2012