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i want to kill myself every second of the life but i cant bring myself to do and i dont know what way to do it i have tryed to overdose before but i woke up and went to the hospital i my as well go back on my meds and see what happens then i will do a update if im still here
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1 Response Jul 14, 2011

Just remember one thing. Life was created by nature, and nature made humans, nature made depression, nature made everything what makes you want to commit suicide. Nature is the way things work. And it will be so. See it like so
You are an inventor who created a robot. This robot has a brain of its own and it is a great lookalike of a human. If it would be the same as a human, the inventor would have had no control of the thoughts the robot would have. HUMANS CONTROL THEIR OWN THOUGHTS. Why would you be depressed? So your boyfriend leaves you, ok, it is not a great thing at all. But forget it after a while, be like **** him. If you really think he is perfect for you then he is. If your mother died, the last thing your mother would want is you to kill yourself. She is your mother. She wouldn't want anything to happen to you or she would be the devil herself. She loves you. If you are having trouble in school with friends or you don't have any, they probably don't know what they're doing. Before thinking too much about suicide just tell them what you have been thinking and maybe doing (cutting, overdosi). They will be schocked if you really can proove that you really are almost commiting suicide becuase of them. I mean, think about it, no normal person wants a death of an innocent girl/boy on their name, does anyone? If your source of fuel is hatred, think agian, if that person really deserves to be hated then it is okay, but if you hate someone then why in heaven's sake would you commit suicide?! (No really I don't know even though I hear alot of people with this reason if someone can please explain it to me, I know it's hard but you might save a lif(ves) with just that) If you believe someone hates you, so what? Even if you're right, not everyone hates you! Not even near to everyone hates you. There is always someone who doesn't judge just by sight.

I know there are many more reasons to commit suicide, but for every single one of these reasons you can find a solution. Reply to my comment if you want me to help you out. Everone needs help if you are in trouble and I am willing to try and support you through these rough times. It will pay back. Trust me.

I love you all people and please, if you could be happy I am happy too. Simple as that but hard at the same time.

Suicide. Is. Bad. ALWAYS!

I know there are many more reasons to commit suicide, but for every single one of these reasons you can find a solution.