I Feel So Lost

hello can someone please help iam 37 and very depressed at the moment iam out of work an can not get a job and just broke up with my girlfriend of 10 years i ve not got any friends and i feel like life aint worth living for anymore i dont no what to do and wish i had some friends or someone how cares  

lostat37 lostat37
36-40, M
2 Responses Sep 23, 2009

dont worry buddy. we are there for you. I will listen to you. maybe, things will shine again. don't give up. hang on. love yourself more.

im sure you have heard everything about what you should do, but im going to tell you straight--this world isn't fair. we were given ****** up providers with malicious--selfish intentions and expected to figure out everything on our own and then people shake their heads when we haven't. maybe we never will. do something bold courageous and completely out of character, even if its robbing a bank, you might get caught but at least you will still be alive or **** it, submit yourself to the inevitable--death, at least youll be in control of your own destiny, but no matter what, dont wallow in self misery. even crackheads and junkies have artificial happiness.