Hey I'm 21 and I'm so depressed I feel like no understands me I became even more depressed becuase of my ex boyfriend he was my first boyfriend . We broke up a year ago and I'm still having trouble getting over him his living his life while I'm depressed at this Ponit I have no hope everyday I wish for him to come back I feel sad alone and I just want out
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i am lonely i have nobody

Life's hard at times, I'm faced with challenges every day but it maybe easier to accept he has moved on only because if u feel for him any deeper things would be a lot harder. I'm truly in love and want to be with my boy until I'm gone but I always get lied to and feel I put a lot more effort in to making him happy than he does so for me. Maybe he finds it hard but were obviously 2 different people, am so upset but ya just have to try stay positive even if they lie and lack care or attention for you.<br />
He does try he says and he loves me loads, a just really wish he could prove it some how instead of covering up things and been closed and mysterious with me all the time :( x