Sometimes You Have To Listen And Not Just Hear..

Sometimes I can just be driving down the road, radio on not really listening to the music and then a song will come on that the music just catches my attention. It kinda weird how in the first few seconds of a song most of the time we have already made up our mind if we like it or not.


Sometimes songs don't have a meaning to them and other times if you really listen to the lyrics you can get alot out of a song. And it may mean something completely different to some people than to others. I feel like music triggers certain memories for each of us so in turn it's always going to be just ordinary to some and extraordinary or others.

highbeams highbeams
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2 Responses Feb 25, 2010

I agree, and most of the time I know within just a few seconds if it's something I;m going to get into or not

I'm more into the lyrics of song than the tune of the music.