I'M Unappreciated

I've known and dated this man for 5 years now. About a year ago we got back together and now living together for 6 months now. He hangs out at bars most of the week. Hardly spends time with me and never wants to take me anywhere. I have shared with him that it hurts me for uim to be that way toward me...I also have reason to believe that he is cheating on me though I heard him tell a friend that he needed to spend more time at home. He has been here all day but think he and this other woman has been texting all day. I told him I wanted to go to dinner and he lets me get completely ready then drops the bomb that he would take me but wasn't going to eat so I refused to go and went and changed my clothes.
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The thing is he tells me he wants to try...for all of these years we have never been able to leave one another alone...not only on his part but on mine also. He has always been the one I have ran to. I've had other relationships during those five years but I never stopped thinking about him even though I was with someone else. I cannot explain it...I fell in love with him the first time I met him. This is the longest we have ever been together and it's been 8 months now...if things do not improve and improve quick...he'll have to go. I told him the other day that I could not take anymore and had actually locked him out of the house so he had to go to a friends house to spend the night. If he keeps doing it I'll keep locking him out. I told him that I had had enough.

Maybe it is time to move on. What you once had might have been a great love, but based on what I see from your story, that has long since ended. You have the right to feel loved and appreciated.

It is a very hard decision to make and his days are numbered...I deserve a h*ll of a lot better than this and I'm tired of the way he makes me feel and how he neglects me. I know what I need to do but I've got to get to the point to where I can do it. My trust in him is totally gone.

you do deserve alot better. No trust=no relationship. Good luck!

He is ....head ! It's time to move on , it's had decision but better make it now