Green Sun Or Moon And Flooding Island

This is my dream from 2 nights ago: (I have dreamt this island setting many times before and travelled to it in many dreams)

I am in a car with my family. We are driving to an island. The car brings us to a vehicle that we will use to get to the island. I conceive it as a ferry or a plane. I sense that my Dad is driving the car and I am a passenger. We do not get out of the car, we become the larger vehicle. I cannot see my Dad or the vehicle so it appears that I am hovering above the water by my own accord. I am moving very fast around a piece of land to a harbor/dock (I am not steering). I see a lot of boats and other crafts and sense an oddity. I look up at the sky and wonder if it's night or day time. The sky is bright but I can see all of the stars. They look farther away than normal. Ursa Major and Ursa Minor are almost next to each other, and are located under a large green moon or sun. I feel it is the moon because of the stars. I look at it and notice the green moon rippled like it was made of water and I thought to myself 'plasma'.

 An aircraft (the size of a 4 storey building) is driving through the water and I recognize it as an army vehicle carrying people. I am travelling very close to the aircraft and I worry that my 'vehicle' will collide with it. I hold my hands up to my face and really fear collision but we pass it. A boat comes close and again I fear collision but I succesfully travel to the dock. There is a city bus on the dock/road/railroad half submerged in water but still running. I wonder why there are still people in it as it drives deeper into the water. I don't feel like they are in danger but wonder why they would sit in a bus half full of water.

 I recognize this island as one I had from other dreams and notice the water level is much higher. The 'lake' that I had been to in previous dreams is now part of the open ocean.

I am on land now and am walking up the side of a familiar hill. I realize it is the season for reptiles and there are turtles at my feet. I also see a lizard and pick it up, and put it down. There is a small alligator in a stream.

~ End ~
Tyne Tyne
22-25, F
Oct 17, 2010