A Dream About Misunderstanding Each Other

i had a dream that caught me off guard the other night. in my dream i was hanging out with some of my friends. during some part of my dream my fiance was singing to another woman. i told my friend that i wanted him to sing to me again. to want me and look at me with love for me again. i told her i was going to fight for him. that told me that in my dream he and i were split up at this very moment. i was walking behind my fiance down a street. i kept yelling his real name at him. he would not stop. i finally yelled his name that he goes by at him. he hesitated but continued walking on. he entered into a gate way. as i approached the fence i saw him sitting on the ground with some friends watching some kiddie ride. at the time i was about to speak i saw him getting up with the ride coming to a stop. i saw my daughter then get off and run to my fiance. she gave him a hug and they turned towards the gate. i stepped in closer to him. i told him that i wanted him to sing to me again and to look into my eyes with love again. i told him i wanted him and only him that i am fighting for him. he then told me that he thought i was mad at him and did not want him. i told him that for some reason i thought the same for him towards me. turned out we had some kind of misunderstanding. we hugged each other as we straightened things out. he had said something else, to which i do not remember exactly. something along the lines of having an engagement ring for me. everyone then started asking about us and we were happy to let them know we were together.

i am not sure but i think this dream was a combination of a few of my friends current life issues, along with some of my own. i have always thought that if i have to fight for the attention of a man then he apparently does not truly want me. i do not compete for a man. i believe my dream is telling me that if i had to for my fiance that i would fight for him. i believe this is right. i would fight for my fiance. i believe there is nothing that we will face that we can not work out. i love him so much. when i thought about my dream all i could do was smile and laugh at my self. one he is still in prison so we have not had many trials and tribulations yet. two i actually was fighting for a man. three i loved the end and believe that it is just a glimpse of the way a misunderstanding or two would turn out some what.
chey20002001 chey20002001
31-35, F
Mar 9, 2011