I Can't Wake Up From My Dreams Until They Are Through

So last night i had this incrediblly realistic zombie apocolypse dream and there were people in my group that i had never seen before in an appartment complex that i have never seen before and every day we would scavange the town for goods untill the leader of the other group of surrvivors in the town came to talk to us and we had to have a Duel, old west style...Well i really didn't wanna do it at all because for some reason i liked the man, and I wouldn't do it for a long time until I finally decided it had to be done, so we dueled, I shot first, and then i woke up breathing hard.
ardae ardae
1 Response Jun 1, 2011

I've NEVER had a zombie apocalypse dream. :( And I play Left 4 Dead pretty regularly. :(

I have them pretty regularly.