Well, I Do Feel Like They Are Telling Me Something, But It's More From A "studied" Perspective

Let's just put it this way. I read a lot of Jung. I buy into his idea that dreams are not merely an evolutionary function that basically takes unneeded information/thoughts and gets rid of them. I believe in his idea that the language of dreams is the language of symbolism. And I try my best to interpret what my dreams mean. And they told me something I should have heeded recently. I had a dream in which the girl who I had been going on dates with and who I had feelings for had ice wings (yes, my dreams can get very odd), and that she was doing her best to get away from me. She would tell me "I don't want you near me anymore," or "Get away!" Now, things seemed fine at the time between her and I, but recently things have gone a little cold. I broke down and basically spilled all my emotional baggage about not being able to get over her (long story short: the dreams were half right; although she said that she "sometimes" liked as more than a friend, she changed her mind and told me things would not be romantic between us). So, I think my intuition, which I had been ignoring, was telling me, "She's not into you. You need to get away or she's going to push you away." And it did it in the form of this dream, I believe. I think the ice wings were supposed to be an archetype for the passing or diminishing of something (the relationship/friendship).
Polymathica20 Polymathica20
18-21, M
Jul 13, 2011