Dont Just Feel It!

I know full well that they are telling me something as I'm either dreaming about something which happens shortly after waking or they are something i really need to remember n obviously forgot!

I once had a dream about my sister have a really bad time while giving birth to her son n in it she was lay on a bed covered in blood, not moving talking anything!
n then woke up screaming at a certain time!

Later that day my dad told me my nephew had been born at the exact time i screamed myself awake and at 1 point my sister passed out on her bed due to blood loss! n yes the bed was covered in blood!!!

N another time i had a dream about someone close to me had died by his image flashing into my eyes which woke me up in panic!! later that day i was told that he had died that morning!

So whenever i dream about people i haven't seen in a while i know i will be seeing them that day! or speak to someone who will bring their names up!!!
I just hate it when i dream about surprises I'm gonna get n then actually come true! its not a big surprise anymore as i already know!!!!
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This may be a gift or a curse...
The closest I have ever come to this was predicting Home Alone 3 was going to come out and Macaulay Culkin was not going to be the star (pretty lame I know haha).

I've had these before, even with the presidential election! It was so weird

beacuse the god of good is here.....

I know these kind of stories attract people but not any more.....

dont friend star had the same thing happen...she dream seeing her uncle walking on ice, i the lake somewhere...and he fell through it and drown...she woke up scared, and then that same day she was told her uncle died...and she asked how he died..and they said he fell through the ice. and it suprised her, alot, and of course scared her. i have the same kind of dreams too. and people often tell me its a gift.

It's called anticipation, and your mind know it, based on experience, knowledge of current situations, and expected scenario. You are over thinking life, and that is dangerous. Like listening to the horoscope board and excepting it.

I have dream this morning that my dead mother was with me at the doctor's office for regular check up. The doctor came back telling me that I'm pregnant. I was shock and I called my husband and told him what the doctor said. That I woke up.

Maybe your mothers love will come back to you through having a child of your own! Maybe! Although she has passed on i thi.k this dream is saying she will be there for you when u need her strength and you can draw on her lessons and wisdom she gave to you x

I have dreams like this too. Everytime I have a dream of a woman that I know and she is pregnant or has a baby that I have never seen before, I go and ask her if she is pregnant and usually they say no, but within a monthethey come back and say that they are pregnant. Once I had a dream that I was having twins and a pregnant friend of mine was in the delivery room. I called her and told her I think you are having twins and when she was almost 4 months she found out she was. SHe had two boys 8 months ago. I enjoy those kinds of dreams.

i truly dont know how to help you out :[<br />
i think there's only one thing i can do, and that is to say that i hope you stop having these awful nightmares :