Heavenly Dreams

I had a dream the other night about my mom.

I was in a place that i don't know and suddenly my mom was there. I looked at her and said "mom your dead..what are you doing here?" (why did i say that.. i mean really??!!!)

she didn't really respond.. but being the person that i am .. i started firing all kinds of questions at her.

I asked her what it was like on the other side.. she kinda smiled and said it was nice.

I asked if she had meant God....she said yes

i asked what god looked like and my mom looked away.. I asked.. you can't tell me can you?
she said no.. but not for reasons that I think.  She said that people try to place the Divine within a box.. that the Divine is not what we think and that there are no words or describe what someone~something so great looks like. She said that our human minds can only handle so much and that when we die will we understand more. 

I asked if she was ok and she said yes.. that she has work to do there and that she is no longer hurting.. pain is not a option where she is.

i was asking more questions but at this point it starts to get fuzzy.. i wonder if maybe i couldn't know any more right now.. maybe its not my time to find out anything else.

 i woke and felt a tugging in my heart.. because it made me miss my mom so much.. but who knows.. maybe she will visit again
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The search for the mysteries of life will always be there. I think the answers will come to us when we die. My attitude is to live as happily as I can now and treat all life with care and love.<br />
It must be a wonderful thing for your mother to appear so real to you - you will eventually know the answer but you will be unable to tell any living person what you see there. May all your happy dreams come true.

thank you so much sweetie. And you are right .. someday i will know the answers

who are u?

Awesome dream. The physical bodies we inhabit may be too limited in scope for us to fully comprehend and appreciate the spiritual realm that is unseen, but gives them the life-spark; looks like you are trying to bridge the gap.

thank you .. it was a awesome dream and you are so correct. physical bodies really dont allow us to comprehend all that the spiritual realm.

That is a very good dream :). <br />
<br />
I would have to say that your dream is definitely a message from your Mom or that you actually did visit your Mom on the 'other side'. <br />
<br />
When you mentioned that you couldn't understand why you'd ask questions like that, you mean the type of questions? Maybe they were in your head the whole time but you are a bit embarrassed to say them aloud. That is the cool thing about dreaming. There is no shame! Embrace the questions you've asked.<br />
<br />
If any thing else I can sense here, she is letting you know that she is alright and she is watching over you. She lets you know in the dream :) What ever Life throws at you, just know your Mom is watching over you for your best, whatever it is that you desire.

thank you so much for you awesome comment. ♥♥

If you ever study Taoism,you will find the tao can not be described,just like God.We are our own divinity as we are part of the whole and the whole is divine.Your mother is part of your experience and you are part of your mother.you will always have her.You are loved by the entire universe.we all are.

thank so much sweetheart.. LOVE YOU ♥♥