Dream Of Grandson And Far Out Worlds

Brody my grandson was born 6 weeks early he's been fine but now he got yellow jaundice and they put him under blue lights
went and seen him for the evening.
last nights dream I had we were on another planet and Ana the mom and Brody were in a hospital there
and we were worried they were going to treat him as a alien and if it didn't get better they were going to use alien blood for transfusion so I broke him out of hospital and took him to earth then I woke up
grandpawdude grandpawdude
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1 Response Apr 28, 2012

the mom. Ana says cause of I look at him all night under blue lights. <br />
but I think it's if it didn't break the jaundice that he would have to have a transfusion I'm the only one with his blood type but don't know if I would want him to have mine worryed bout my past and that would mean he would have to have a strangers ( alien ). so I took him to give him mine. instead and being sure that my past is gone out of my body. but thank god he pulled thru this morning and levels are down.