Native Soulmate

i had this dream about 2 or 3 times.. i was in the forest where their were water falls and tps i can see my skin it was golden light colored. i was skinny and talk with thick long silky hair.. i am baiting in the water fall and i see this native man that comes to me. he joins me in the water fall. hes well build with long think shiny hair. he picks me up from the fall and we make love all through the walls of the water. he tells me his name is nockie and he was my true love. he tells me that i will never see him in this life time that he will be waiting for me in the next life. he says he will wait for me. he says he will never leave my side and that he always watches over me.. i even heard native music man it sounded so pretty..and then i had another dream of him he came into my bedroom and we made love it was so amizing i didint want to wake up... this may sound weird but when im living in a house he comes to me in my dreams but if in living in a apartment i dont see him i wish i could understand why but i dont.. i gues ill have to see when i see him in my next life..
kixx57 kixx57
31-35, F
May 6, 2012