Sock Of My Life

I went to sleep in the evening I don't know why I was really inneed of sleeping at that time.
Then I dreamt of few girls in a pub and I know them in dreams was drunk and was trying to creat fight so I saw them and I walked towards them to hold one of them who was drunk and sat them down.Asked them to calm down not to fight.After that I left them there.
When I woke up I just wondered what it was but the same late night I got call from a woman stating she is my boyfriend's partner.I got a sock of life.My boyfriend was cheating on me all this time.
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3 Responses May 19, 2012

If he is a liar, then you can't believe him. Once trust is broken it should never be given again until it is earned. If you can't trust him, you need to move on and find someone else. What you don't want to do is carry your distrust for him into a new relationship. Let him go, then let it go and be happy with someone new. Don't waste time with someone you can't trust.

The dream itself could be anything or nothing, but the important thing for you to know is that you need to deal with your boyfriend situation. I have always been the type of person that reacted first and asked questions later. As I have grown older, I have come to understand the importance of staying calm until all the facts are in. Talk to your boyfriend and find out what is going on. Maybe there is more to it than you think, or maybe it's not even true. Don't talk to him with blinders on, but do try to keep your mind open. Then once you fully understand the situation, you can deal with it accordingly.

Thanks will try.Story was right he called her from another country back here to live with him.She was his ex.He made everthing ready for her before she arrived.He told me its a mistake and sorry as well.Whenever he says he is going to work he dose not answer his call.He only talks when he is driving so this is what he used to do and doing it now as well.He lies a lot and he says he will change but I don't know what I should do?

Can someone explain please.Did anyone had a dream like this?