Rip Princess <3

well on feb 9 2012 my friends and their whole family died in a car accident jon(son) emily(daughter) matt(father) leah(mother) heather(auntie). emily was 12 and jon was 14.
lastnight i had a dream that i went to emilys school graduation for the seventh graders . just to see all my old friends . and i saw emily at the grad too. she was so pretty wearing a little pink dress. i hugged her for the longest time and talked to her .. she hugged back i got her to go dance it was great ! but weird because out of her whole family i saw her and no one else but i loved it so much ..i sure do miss them after that i woke up and for once i felt a little bit better about losing them :)
rip altizer/kress family 
if you would like to see a slideshow of the wonderful family go on youtube and type in "altizer/kress family" or "rip altizers" 
princess0808 princess0808
May 20, 2012