Scary Dream That Haunts Me To This Day

when i was little like around 7 or 8 i use to fall asleep but not all the between state ,like ur awake but ur not .i would get this ringing in my ears ,like if u clinch ur teeth real would wake me up .one night years later after many nights like that.i said to my self what if i just let it keep ringing and dont wake up. so i did! so one night i let my ears keep ringing and it got louder and louder.all of asudden this thing was on top of me breathing ,i couldnt move .i started to pray and it left.thats my story. that was 20 years ago sence i dreamed like that,except 2 nights ,ago it came back!
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1 Response May 23, 2012

It sounds like sleep paralysis:<br />
I recommend you read that link, if this is a recurring thing you may also want to get evaluated for narcolepsy.