"returned" To My Previous Abandon Junior School

i slept around 1-2am. with annoying dog howling outside. but far away.

it dream starts like this.

i revisited the school with my same schoolmates at present age, we now around 18-20 years.
as we reached there, the sky start to dark, chill and windy. we manage to get shelter in our small dining hall.
my friends started cook for simple dinner. then, the rain start to pour heavily.

while we have our dinner, i watch outside. i noticed stick movement-like a cat, remembering our Katt while we small.
we all rose up, and something happen around us. i mean, outside the hall.

beneath the raindrops, more and more stick-thingy appears from ground. with glow of gold. it were so many. lastly it change into group of school children. playing around. the rainy is now sunny day.

then, i cried. is this world amazing?

then, a burst of water vapour arose from the green field. look like amazing. my friends decided to play instead with the school children.

only me n my old bro friend just watch from behind.

suddenly, two men stared in front of us, non-stop, unspoken a word.

but, what i see is, their hand controlled the water vapour and my other friends looked being time freeze.
i try warned my friend by sparkling nearby puddle to them. they seem can move, but still being time freeze.

the men said, too late!!!

then, i kicked out from the dream.
i hope i can continue the dream again tonight.

i pass by the school this afternoon with my few friends, entered it.
well, something calling me, or maybe just a feeling.....
ivanho15 ivanho15
May 30, 2012