The Table Of My Heart

Most of my life I have had dreams and not many days after the dreams come true. I don't know if I would call it psychic abilities but it's so strange how things happen exactly as in the dream. I began to recognize this when I was a teenager 16 as I recall.

These dreams of future events started out with simple small occurrences at different points in my lifetime and seem to bear no meaning to me but what I didn't realize, I was being prepared for much larger things to come. So I would like to share the following dream with all of you and as I watch the evening news everyday I see my dream unfolding before my very eyes and the worst is yet to come. Before I go any futher just let me say to any unbelievers, no I can't predict the future for all of mankind. But if God sent me a message to deliver, then that makes me a messenger of God and if I don't deliver the message, your blood will be on my hands, but if I deliver the message and you hear and don't take action, your blood will be on your own hands. So I will share this dream and if you say, oh well, it's just a dream! I hope you will reconsider and prepare yourself.

The Table of My Heart
I was walking along when two men appeared before me wearing long robes. They were speaking to me in a foreign language and I noticed their mouths did not open. They were speaking to me telepathically, mind to mind. It was very urgent they said and had many things to show me and tell me and we began walking with one man on each side of me. We kept walk and they kept talking about how so many catastrophic events that were to come upon the earth. The man on my left streted out his arm and said,"behold!" I looked and everywhere I I looked the land was covered with a flood and I was overcome with fear because I thought even we were going to be swept away because of the flood. The man said, "fear not, see that ye be not troubled, for these things were prophecied and must come to past!"

We kept walking when the man on my right stretched out his arm and said, "behold!" I looked and a great mountain was burning with fire and all the land was being consumed by the fire and again I was overcome with fear that we were going to be consumed by the fire. The man said, "fear not, see that ye be not troubled, for these things were prophecied and must come to past!"

We kept walking and they kept talking and they were teaching me and expounding me to warn others of terrible things to come and they spoke to me the entire time telepathically in a foreign language but somehow I understood every word. We kept walking when they brought me to a large open pit in the ground. They said, "you see this pit? This is where satan dwells!" I looked into the pit but it was empty and smoke arose from the pit and the ground began to shake violently, it was as if satan was angry that the two men had shown his dwelling place to me.

The ground began to shake even more violent and I lost my footing and began to falling into the pit. I looked to the men for help but they had fled and I was on my own. I was dangling on the side, slowly losing my grip and overwlemed with fear and I turned and looked into the pit. I saw a table that was sunken into the ground half way and a Holy Bible laying on it. The table and the Bible was covered in so much dust, they were barely visible. I said, "if that table and Bible has been here so long and the satan couldn't take it down, what do I have to fear?" I regained my strength and pulled myself to safety. The End

I watch the news, I see these fires, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, psunamis, tornadoes, droughts. I had this dream 30 years ago.I feel there's going to be a really bad drought to hit this county and we will see inflation like we've never seen it before. I hate to be a barrier of bad news or a prophet of doom and gloom but people should be getting prepared fomore to come. If this is my dream unfolding and coming true, the things those two men were telling me, the worst is yet to come. The wrath of Satan being the worst and that's why I'm stressing how important it is for us to hearken unto to voice of God. The Word of God needs to be engraved on the fleshly "Table of Your Heart".

I just want to make one thing clear about this dream. I'm not trying to scare anybody to run to church or predicting 2012 is the end of time. Nothing of the sort. That's not my intentions here. The dream ended by me seeing the Bible withstanding the wrath of satan for ages and it gave me strength and I said, "I have nothing to fear!". So as long as we know what the Bible say's, we have nothing to fear when we see all these bad things happen. I'm just saying turn to your Bible for guidance during these hard times and put your trust in Jesus Christ.

The Bible tells us that during the days of Moses, the laws of God was engraved on tablets of stone.Today, we have the Holy Ghost that engraves them on the fleshly tablets of our heart. God Bless you all, keep you safe, fill your heart with peace and love.  Michael

Update: I posted this story early June before the extreme weather really hit hard. Although I had this dream or as referred to "A vision of the night" or "Night vision". I dreamed all of this over 30 years ago back in the early 80's. Back then fire storms, Psunami's, tornadoe outbreaks, and all these catastrophic events of Biblical proportions were unheard of. If I spoke of them then, everybody would have just laughed at me. Now in this story I said there is going to be a really bad drought to hit this country and we will see inflation like we've never seen before. I was watching NBC news today July 18th and they said this drought is the worst drought in the last 100 years and has been extended to 8 more states affecting a total of 29 states now. They also said that only 1/3 of the corn might be saved or maybe none at all which will affect the price of everything at the store. It will cause everything we buy to go up in price. So what I just predicted in early June is now happening. I'm not bragging by any means, I'm only saying take this in consideration and read my story again. Read your Bible and hearken unto the Word of the Lord and you will have nothing to fear!  God Bless you all...Michael

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I believe ypu because I also started having dreams that would come true some days or even a month after.i even dream my friend in an accident which he ended up dien in 2days after.ive had dreams of a ship ufo look alike coming for us at the end of the world after everything is gone.ive stoped sleeping good because my ptsd so I stoped paying attention to my dreams but as of yesterday I started praying again and hope to get my dreams back I actualy miss them even though they use to scare me.i also had a dream I was walkin up a stair to heaven and soneone was helping me walkin next to me holding my hand and they said sonething to me that I dobt remember.i starte
D having this dream when I was 16 I am now 20 andthey just stoped last year

The ship you seen is the Old Ship of Zion, also known as the Old Gospel Ship. I had a vision of it and I was on it. The stairs you speak of, I also had a dream of. They were golden stairs, my cup runneth over, so just one step at a time as these golden stair we climb.

Thanks for sharing this Michaela. There are other prophets carrying the same warnings, and a lot are happening with those who have had a near death experience. God is reaching aout more to those who will hear him. Revelation says it all, and the Book of Destiny is an excellent commentary on it. I've been watching the world change since the early 90's, which led to my conversion. By the grace of God I could see the events beginning to happen more frequently and dramatically were NOT merely Natural occurrences. Bless you.

Thank you and God bless you nekkkellicus. Barbara told me you were her sister, I didn't know that. She's a good woman and I have a lot of respect for her. So I look forward to getting to know you better also. Bless you! Michael

I often wonder how some believe God will send messages in the end of time as we know it? I believe you and I'm tracking these same events because I believe we are here. There is nothing to fear because the only end will be Satan's evil methods of rule. I myself have had many dream lore warnings from God to prepare me for the worst of my sackcloth. Thank you for being brave enough to share your story as it helps confirm my own.

Wonderwoman, the Bible say's this evil and wicked generation seeks a sign but one will not be given it. As in the days of Noah they will be merry and drinking, marring and giving in marriage until the Lord appears
All we can do is have compassion for people and pray for them and as for ourselves, "Fear Not!" and put our trust in the Lord. many Blessings! Michael

Yes Wonderwoman, I agree totally. We are to "Fear Not!" The Bible say's this is a wicked and evil generation. They have eye's and cannot see, they have ears and cannot hear, they have a heart to understand with, yet they cannot comprehend what God is saying to them. Unless God should heal their hearts and they open their eyes and unstop their ears and understand with their hearts and follow the laws of God. Instead of listening to God they choose to not to see the truth, hear the truth and therefore live by the truth, it's a lawless generation and that's why so much evil abounds Noah preached and tried to warn them, but they wouldn't listen to him either, but that doesn't mean we are not suppose to warn others. Not to win them by fear, but to tell them Jesus is coming and are you ready?

You can receive a message from God to warn others, or sound the warning trumpet so to speak. But if they choose not to take heed and ready themselves for what's to come, their blood won't be on your hands but upon their own. Therefore you shall live with a clear conscience.