Something More..!

I have many dreams. Some of my dreams could be warnings or something for me to do. I could have like a picture of blood, then a face then the moon then its the bar then I saw three guys. At the time I didn't have the pic of the face soo clear but inside of me was telling me something bad was going to happen tonight. I decide to take a nap and then the picture showed up and it was my uncle. I woke up and dialed my uncle. Luckily he answered. I asked him what his plan were for tonight. He said him and his buddies were going to hang out tonight. I asked him not to go out tonight and I begged him and he said I couldn't control his life. So he hung up and turned it off. All night I was up waiting for a phone call and I never got one until the next morning. Apparently he got in a bar fight and took it outside with three guys that beat him up almost to death. When I saw him at the hospital with all these machines around him I got angry then sad. I held his hand and he woke up. He looked at me and said "How did you know?" and just replied "I have my ways." Now he listens to every word I
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Close call! I never take warnings serious in my dreams, but your premonition saved your uncle's life. Use it.

I wish I could remember my dreams. The ones I vaguely remember are the ones I wish I didn't have to begin with.