I recently had a dream where i was hanging out with my friends in a sort of futureistic place about 30 years from now and there was this big program that i was trying to stop. I dont know exactly what happened but there was a big bang and my brother was shot up to the moon where he was held captive. I gathered up some information and i had the idea that the devil was behind it an i wanted to stop him. I whent to the attic of my house ( not my real house ) and got some weapons. My friend met me up there and asked me what i was doing i wanted to tell him but i couldnt say devil i was afraid he would show up. I later found a scroll and if i destroyed it he would be gone so i held fire in my hand and started burning it but it wouldnt burn all the way through. Then my alarm went off so i couldnt finish the dream
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Hmm interesting dream.... sounds like some unfinished business. Hopefully you can have that dream again and burn it. I used to have a dream every night for weeks... I would dream that I would be sitting in my living room and a demon would come upstairs and taunt me. This happened every night.. I dreamt this EVERY NIGHT for WEEKS!! Then one night I said I'm gonna fight back... I had the dream and I fought back and he went running lol The very next night I had the dream again and the demon never showed up as I waited for him. Then I never had that dream again

Also if anyone has an idea of what this dream could mean it is apreciated