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I Love Dreaming Of The Beach

I love dreaming you're with me. It often feels and looks like this.

Just remember me in your dreams.

TheHiker TheHiker 41-45, M 3 Responses Aug 21, 2012

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I love a guy who knows how to dream. Good stuff my Friend. :)

I liked the video. Especially the ballerinas, and the dancers and the walking on the sand with the waves crashing in....Nice job! Thank you. But I still do not sleep enough to dream...Someday soon, hopefully!

Dreams are a world all their own.

Yes. Perhaps why so many people sleep to avoid life.

Or do they sleep to enhance life ?

I think many people sleep to avoid it...Sleep is necessary to live, though. And we hope that our dreams come true so we wish each other sweet dreams. Still it is a good way to avoid the problems that life gives you. Have a sweet day, Hikerman.

Life's problems can't ever be avoided, only put off for a time.

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Beautiful.....The thought, the water, the video, the music....the dance of dreams.... just beautiful....

Beauty is a ting I do appreciate. I appreciate you, beautiful. ;- ) Thank you for reading this.

aww thanks.... :)

Gee, you're welcome.