A "grand Canyon" Journey

I had one of my most interesting dreams last night! I woke up thinking about this dream and felt a sense of freedom from a situation that had been so heavy on my heart. I don't get into the interpretation of dreams but many of mine do seem to correlate with a lot of my life's situations.
In my dream I was taking a journey alone through part of the Grand Canyon. I was passing through some difficult passages and met strangers disguised in costumes. They looked a bit scary but I wasn't afraid. I kept on with my journey and even went through a narrow tunnel worried that if I came upon someone else along this part of the trail I wouldn't be able to pass but that one of us would have to back out to let the other through. I didn't meet anyone though and kept on with my journey. When I reached a section where I knew was almost the end of the journey I had to climb down the side of a cliff, being afraid of heights I was scared but determined.
My journey had been one of searching for things along the way so I had in my possession the skeleton of a rattlesnake. I knew I wanted to keep it but would have to figure out how to hold onto it and be able to climb down at the same time. I stretched it out in my hands and took a closer look. This was no ordinary rattlesnake skeleton! I noticed that the head and rattles were real but it's body was not real. It was made of two hard plastic pieces shaped in spirals but twisted together so that it rattled like bones when it moved. I thought in my dream how odd that it was not real but the head and tail were. I decided to put the snake around my neck securing it like a scarf so it wouldn't fall off. I was a little nervous about doing it at first I thought it might come alive and choke me.
Carefully I began to descend with it around my neck and a small backpack on my back. When I looked down I saw a beautiful pool of water in a cave I wanted to reach the edge of the water so that I could put my things down to swim awhile before I left. I didn't get to swim but saw in another section of the cave where someone else had been and left a few items behind. I felt the sudden urge to move on and leave all of those items there where they had been left. I didn't feel comfortable in that room of the cave something didn't feel right.
I continued my journey and made it out safely I felt good and complete. I looked at the snake and knew immediately that I had overcome a huge struggle in my life and that I was going to be okay. The snake was only partly real the longest part, it's body had not been as real as it looked when I found it.
When I woke up I began to think about the dream, why I dreamed it and what it could mean. I felt a sense of relief actually! It gave me reassurance! I have been struggling through a huge personal situation in my marriage. I have never been to the Grand Canyon but my situation feels overwhelming in size. I had also become aware recently that the biggest part of my marriage hasn't been as good or real as I thought it was. A deception that I have probably known for a long time but didn't want to admit. I wanted to move forward leaving baggage that made me uncomfortable behind. I still carried the snake in my dream knowing that part of it wasn't real. Just as I have gone on with my marriage knowing that something never felt quite right but no real proof of what it was. I have now seen some reality in my real world just as I saw part of the snake was fake. 
It felt good in the end of the dream that I felt I survived with a whole new purpose for living. Strength to move on wherever the path should lead I will make it no matter how large that canyon or how difficult the journey!

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Dreams aren't reality, and I've never known what they told us, other than that our minds are repairing and processing while we're in that sleep state. As to the rest of life, sadly, some of it is real, and it helps that you have friends and family to lean on, just as they lean on you when they need to.

There is so much truth in your words! Thank you for taking time to share your comment.

A Grand canyon Journey dream Interpretation.<br />
Relationships are an adventure of the unknown. Each person we meet is like a journey that challenges our discretion. Each encounter tests our judgement and builds our character.We carry the remnants of past relationships no matter were we go, remembering each encounter from beginning to end. Your dream is an amazing analogy of the depth of human encounter. It symbolizes the many aspects that friendships and committments are composed of. The snake in your dream is very symbolic in the life and death of relationships. It specifically gives meaning to one or more frienships that were true in thier inception but in reality will or have ended. The shallow and false aspects in your relationships were symbolized by the snake bones and the strangers in costumes.The snake more deeply implies an experience of betrayal and deciet.Your descent into a cave with a pool has a special meaning of self examination and rest.It is a place that others have experienced and you needed to know of.A place to leave the past behind yet examine your own pain as well as that of others.The canyon is a symbol of the casm in your heart and the overwhelming odds you described of in your life.Although you retain the remnants of suffering, your heart is full of love and reconcilliation.

Wow... when reading your dream tears came to my eyes. What a powerful powerful dream. Thank you so much for sharing it. I feel like I need to read it a few more times. :)

Thank you for taking time to read it. My dreams are sometimes so vivid that I never forget them. It's the very vivid ones that I usually take the time to write about. I have posted 3 or 4 others that are just as real. In each one I know exactly why I dreamed them. I don't see any of them as anything other than the processing of my emotions through particular situations.

yeah, and you know it when it happens. Because if you get something or maybe release something from it, that's all that really all that matters. What you get from it is the point, I think :)

I like interpreting dreams. I copied and saved your dream and will work on what I see in it.

It will be interesting to see what you come up with. Thank you for taking time to comment.