The night after I learned I had a Lion as my spirit animal,I had a dream. I was running with a Pride & there was the male lion,I was the female,and the other females were following behind. I felt so peaceful there,like I was home :-). The next morning my spirit animal told me( not with words but in thought)something about my fate,she wasn't describe,but still I listened,she said of me & other therian's would be prt of a battle. So as this was sinking in. I was in deep thought. A few days later I started practicing mental shifting,unordered to get to physical shifting. But for me it was going to slow so I did a cat spell to speed it up. I'd like to give a shout out to Twilight1122,thx so much :-)
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I understand it, I know it's my fate is to save the animals and once I had a dream, like yours but then in the woods. and it was also told me that I and other therians would be part of a battle, it was very shocking to hear that. But I believe that more therians had that kind of dream. maybe we are gonna do great thing when we are all grown up. =D

Maybe,did you know tomorrow my cat spell finishes,then I'll be able to shapeshift into a lion! Thx for txting me :-P

And the comment,srry about mental,I meant to type ment. :-)

Sorry about describe,I mental descrete,and unordered,I meant inorder sorry about tht :-(