Reocurring object

I just had a dream within a dream that i was outside my house in the garage with my dad and cousin kenny. Then my dad wouldn't let me look at what they were seeing  when i told him i was going he took me to the side of the garage where he told me to look up. I saw a triangle shaped ufo this is the second dream where i have seen this same ufo. I was lucid enough to tell my dad i had seen this in a dream then i turned to look at him and i closed my eyes and fell down thats when my dad said oh he is faking it. Then i stood up looked to my right and said look i saw the ufo tury around and try to pick me up. So i grabbed onto the car and picked up the car as i was going up. The ufo gave up and let me go i told dad that i could see more and i looked up at the moon and saw something around it but it was unclear. So i quickly put my shoes on and ran as fast as i could and jumped to the ufo then it zapped me and i was woke up by my dad from my room. Or so i thought i went upstairs to tell him about the dream because i told him about the first and i could hear music playing ( i sleep with my ipod playing) so i told my dad to hold on a second. I shook my face and "woke up" and "drifted back to sleep" immediately this time i woke up to noises upstairs and i ran up there said hi to my family who had come to visit and heard my music again. I shook my face again and woke up but the only problem i had was i couldn't move after a few minutes of lying on my bed i could move my fingers and eventually my whole body then i immediately typed this up
if anybody can interperate this dream it would be extremely helpful
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I figured out why i couldn't move its was because i interrupted a rem sleep

Sometimes something can happen to you for real and you can suppress it then later have dreams that give you clues as to what happened........