Haunted House Golden Forest

One time I had a dream that I was living in the same house as in my "strange animal twisted rainbow" dream (posted here) and it was at another location again but this time on a dead end street. At the end of the street was a large house with 3 floors and a large red door. It looked like a haunted house but nobody seemed to notice but me. We could see a guy who was living there coming and going, he would come out the front door (the large red one) and go somewhere then when he returns the man would give me the evil eye and just stare at me. The man would be nice to every one else. One day upon his return my mother asked me to stop him before he went inside his house and ask him something but I can never remember what. He gets away and I can't stop him before he goes inside. I go up to the red door and was about to knock but notice it is opened just a crack so I pull it open and there is a brick wall made from big grey bricks that was filling the whole doorway. Also the bricks were damaged and had weeds growing between them so they were like that a long time. I was going to run but then a brick fell out and into the house. I looked inside the house and it was dark but I could hear someone calling out for help and it turned out to be my mother. I pushed the rest of the bricks away and went inside. Then the whole house lit up inside and things started flying around like in the movie poltergeist where the mother opens the door to the little girls room. So I started yelling at it and saying something like "the power of christ compels you" but I also can't remember what I was yelling and then the whole house vanishes and my mother falls from where ever she was and just gets up and walks away. I then felt a peaceful feeling come over me and closed my eyes but when I opened them a second later there was a small forest where the house had stood and it was made of gold. There were tall trees, mushrooms, a gnome, mist, fallen logs and ground fog all gold in colour. The whole place seemed alive some how and as I looked around I turned to see 3 tall persons wearing robes like monks or something and they had their backs to me (there were 3 persons) and they walked away out of the little gold forest and vanished as they got to the edge of the forest where the forest ended and the normal street started. I woke up after that.
umax610p8 umax610p8
Sep 10, 2012