Dream Of My Son Who Passed Away

Whole dream was weird. I was cutting the grass or something and got dirt all over Jared’s car, (our neighbor to the left of us) which was in the driveway that would be Greg’s. (the neighbor to the right of us) So then I was washing the dirt off when I think Jared and some other people came. One of the kids was talking to me and Liam (my 20 year old son who passed Dec 2011 from Cancer) came up in the conversation, and he was telling me how he knew another kid that was sick and was missing part of his thumb, and then was asking what Liam had looked like when all of a sudden Liam came walking across our yard with his big floppy hair cut (the way he looked 4 years ago pre cancer) and just started talking to us and I was asking him about the kid with the thumb and first he gave me some dumb or goofy answer and then he kept saying he did remember him and the name was Thon, Thawn,something like that. I didn’t understand what he was saying so he had to repeat the name to me multiple times. All of a sudden everyone there was in a big room with like 5 beds like it was a sleep over and I was on the mattress on the floor farthest away from the door and Liam was standing by me. He then said he was going to go have a cigarette, and I told him no, half cause I didn’t want him to the leave the room, and half cause I didn’t want him smoking. I also heard my wife yell NO! as well, which was weird since she wasn't there. Liam just shrugged his shoulders and lied down with his back to me, but suddenly didn’t have a shirt on. (like he did many times while in the hospital) I reached over to hug or spoon him, and as soon as my hand touched his back, it was like a hand or something reached up from through mattress and grabbed me through my legs/groin and began to pull me either away, or down through the mattress. I noticed how much it hurt being pulled and then woke up. Can someone PLEASE TELL ME WHAT THIS DREAM MEANS

dsherman1211 dsherman1211
41-45, F
Sep 12, 2012