Anaconda Dream

Last night I had a very peculiar dream and it left me feeling somewhat disturbed...I was in some sort of touristic resort (kind of in a villa) with my two children and the complex had a very strange lay out there was a natural stream or pool in the center, just beside our bedrooms but the water was very muddy and there was vegetation everywhere so you could not see the children asked if they could go swimming and something told me to say no but I allowed them to but was inexplicably afraid to get in myself...all of a sudden I saw a huge ripple in the water which seemed to be moving really fast towards the children and i screamed at them to get out and when they did sent them to their room to change, when I turned around there was a huge anaconda-like snake trying to follow the children and nearly biting my son in the leg. I ran and pushed the children inside their room and shut the door just in the nick of time but we heard wood splintering and saw that the floorboards were beginning to split open so we ran through another door on the back wall of the room and found a group of people standing frightened behind a sofa in another room...they were all screaming snake, snake!!we barricaded ourselves in that room n waited for a while there was no sound or sign that the snake was still there we decided we would now be safe so everyone in a joint effort began to clear stuff from the entrance so that we could open the we did so, the huge snake just seemed to fly into the room and everyone hid behind the sofa again ..everyone but me...someone had my children behind the sofa so I knew I would have to try and kill the snake for their safety and that it would probably be the only answer ..someone threw a shoe or some similar object at the snake and it started to hiss and move towards me .I tried to find something large enough to crush its head with but could only find a small marble ashtray or bowl (not sure what it was , just that it was made of marble and very heavy). When the snake was right at my feet it started to hiss again and opened its mouth and and I just dropped the marble item with all my strength, shaking with fear I stepped back and the snake started to thrash about and suddenly stopped , with the marble ashtray still on top of the head. I forced myself to push it over(the marble ashtray) with some sort of stick and saw that the snake was dead and the top of its head was stuck to the bottom of the ashtray and separated completely from the bottom half of its head and its fangs had come loose and were impaled into the snake's lower jaw , pinning it to the floor..strangely there was no blood or mess of any kind, just the snake's huge head broken in two and the top half stuck to the marble item as if glued to it...I woke up sweating profusely and possibly screaming at this point...If anyone has any idea what this dream might mean I would be very grateful if they could tell me as everything i am reading about snake dreams so far seems to be telling me i am in danger and have been very unsettled and anxious since waking up from this horrible dream..many thanks if you take the time to read this :)
QueenNefertari QueenNefertari
31-35, F
Sep 13, 2012