Lifeless Desires

I was lying on a path near the road full of traffic in some sort of city. I was on the corner of one of the intersections. I was on the path, half naked; the bottom half of my body revealing to the public. I felt.. dead. I felt.. useless, used, wasted and thrown aside.
And men came and crawled over me and entered unto me between my legs. But I didn't feel anything. I was like a zombie, emotionless, brain dead. Time flew past as people kept walking by ignoring me and men raping me. One by one. One man was muscular, wore a tank/singlet like top with rebellious looking shorts. His arms were muscular and he had a beard. The rest of them just raped me from my behind. I felt vulnerable and weak. My mind wondered aimlessly trying to figure out if this is really happening or was it just a dream. Was it real? Was it an illusion? How did I get here? But no answers came to mind.
I didn't feel any warmth or coolness, even when the men entered me it felt like nothing. Life felt like nothing. Nothing worth living for. The days and nights fast forwarded and the people walking blurred in my sight. All I could see was the grey concentrate path and the traffic light changing from green to red and so forth. I could see myself from an angle where I was lying on my stomach, my arms stretching in front of my head and me looking at myself (subconscious view). I looked dead, my hair was long and it was a mess. My eyes stared with no soul left in it.. I looked like I wore a white ragged dress, yet from first person view I wore a tank top and denim shorts.

Then I woke up in sweat and I felt heavy. I felt tired. That was one strange dream.
I believe this dream occurred because I felt that life was a routine, but full of no meaning no true or powerful emotions but the feeling of lifelessness. It feels like living as a zombie. At the same time perhaps I felt powerless, as my life felt dominated by people where I had no power over my own life.
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2 Responses Sep 24, 2012

It is so easy to interpret this dream! You felt you are being used agaist your own wishes!

hey never feel bad and just focus to your studies no matter what happens always remember that you have your own life to go through and later it will be ok,dont feel bad and blame yourself try to make it your step to clear things and make you wiser and full of wisdom....